Why Is Security Important in Dictation?

Over the past few years, there has been a real focus in improving the security of dictation machines. Data encryption has become a common feature, and we've even seen machines with extra secure features such as biometric pads! But why has security become so important for dictation machines?

Many of the professions that commonly work with the dictation process are working with data that is in some way sensitive. For example, the medical profession relies greatly on the dictation and transcription process to function. Doctors and consultants tend to use a dictation machine to record patient information and compose correspondence. These voice files are then transcribed by administrative staff – freeing up the medical staff's time to spend with their patients. Of course, health information is often very sensitive, and so it's important for healthcare providers to have confidence that the information they record is secure.

Another reason security has become more important over recent years is that dictation machines have become smaller, lighter, and more portable! When machines become more easily portable, the risk of them being lost or left somewhere becomes higher. If you're carrying a dictation machine with you on a train, it's great to be safe in the knowledge that the data on it is only accessible to you! Even if the recordings stored on it aren't especially sensitive in a legal sense, you probably still don't want them to be accessed by whoever finds your lost machine.

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