Speech Recognition: Could it Work for You?

Have you ever thought about using speech recognition software? It's not just for dictating large bodies of text, modern speech recognition software enables you to control your computer just by using your voice. Whether you're checking emails, using photoshop, browsing the web or putting together a presentation – the software will do whatever you want it to.

The video above shows just how helpful the software can be – and how easily it fits into your life. Whatever your industry, if most of your time is spent at a computer, speech recognition software can help you to take control of that time. Instead of having to slow your thoughts down so your fingers can keep up – speech recognition software will keep up with you however fast the ideas are coming! Imagine how much faster you could get things done if you could work at the pace of speaking instead of the pace of typing or clicking.

Speech recognition software works straight out of the box and doesn't require any fiddly set up. You could be up and going with it within minutes – controlling your computer and dictating text, without the typos! There are different types of software on the market, but we recommend Dragon software. They're the market leader, and they provide various different guises of the software to suit various users. They also offer inexpensive software for smartphones (available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store) which offer a great way to try out speech recognition software before you invest in a full package.