Olympus DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder

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  • Digital voice recorder
  • full colour 2 inch TFT display
  • built in 4GB memory
  • up to 850 hours of record time (LP)
  • voice playback to hear only what you need
  • voice balancer so everyone can be heard
  • scene selection
  • voice guidance
  • black

With Wi-Fi functionality, smartphone compatibility and a visual index that allows you to link images to your recording timeline, the DM-901 is a business tool with features that extend way beyond recording.

Built-in stereo noise cancelling microphones, podcast function, optimal for blind and visually impared people (tactile buttons and Voice Guidance), recording/playback modes PCM (WAV)/MP3/WMA, 5 folders + max. 6,000 music folders, up to 999 files per folder, SD / SDHC / SDXC

Voice Playback extracts the voice portions and automatically skips the parts without voices.

The Voice Balancer makes smaller voices louder while louder voices remain below a given level, ensuring playback is clear and consistant.

Make fail-safe recordings by choosing the scene in which you want to record. Your recorder instantly sets the optimal recording parameters. The DM-901 even has a dedicated button so you can switch scenes in situations requiring a quick response.

Operate your recorder without even looking at it. The clearly spoken audible Voice Guidance reads out the menu to you, making your recordings even more convenient.

Use with the smartphone app to enable remote control recordings via Wi-Fi, this optimizes the recording quality by allowing you to set the recorder close to the speaker. Download the recorded files from the recorder to your smartphone – to instantly share your recordings. The smartphone app is free of charge.

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