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Olympus DS-2600 Digital Voice Recorder with Slide Switch [DS2600]

Olympus DS-2600 Digital Voice Recorder with Slide Switch [DS2600]

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The DS-2600 is particularly suitable for small businesses or people who are just starting with digital dictation and need a professional starter device. The device can be used at work, at home or during meetings. The omni-directional microphone picks up sound in a 360-degree radius. The Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) starts recording when you start talking and pauses when silence starts.

The DS-2600 is very easy to use with its various editing functions and the slide switch. Recordings can be easily started, stopped and ended. Its special ergonomics ensure that you can comfortably dictate for long periods of time. The robust slide switch on the side of the device makes it easy to start, stop, continue and stop recording. This way dictation is also possible on the move because you do not have to look at the device while dictating.

The device can be used with various third-party speech recognition software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Included in the box:
DS-2600, DSS Player Standard License (Mac & Windows), LI-92B Lithium-Ion Battery, KP30 micro USB cable, CS151 Carrying Case.

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