One of the things we hear most often from clients who have tried to get a digital dictation solution ‘on the cheap’ is this; “I need to edit my recordings!” This is because many cheaper digital dictation machines don’t have the option to edit recordings. Though they can record their voice, with such machines users can’t necessarily review what they have said and re-record, or even continue with the same recording at a later date.

This is the main difference between the recorders you can pick up in the high street for £50 or £60 and the majority of the ones we supply. We call these cheaper machines that don’t have the ability to edit ‘notetakers’ – and the more expensive comprehensive machines ‘true dictating machines.’

Though at first glance there does seem a big discrepancy between the price of these two types of machines; the fact is that you do get what you pay for. The majority of dictation users find that the ease of use and the functionality of our more comprehensive machines more than makes up for the additional cost. In these cases, we often find that the price becomes secondary to a user’s priority.

It’s just a shame that in many cases these users have wasted £50 on a machine from a high street retailer before realising that it isn’t suitable for their needs!

If you would like to get some sensible and useful advice on the dictation solution right for you; please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we will be more than happy to have an impartial chat about your needs.