Why do we recommend Grundig dictation machines?
For 2 simple reasons:
1. They are well built and ideal for higher volume users and,
2. The Pro versions come bundled with really good workflow software.

Watch the Grundig video to see how these are made

Welcome to the Grundig Digta 7

We are really excited to introduce this fantastic machine. The Digta7 has features that will be valuable to anyone serious about their dictation equipment. Here are some of it's highlights:

Usability Features of the Digta7

The machine has a 'Sense Slider' switch; a small pin rises and falls as the switch is moved so you can feel the position without having to look. The format of the slide switch can also be changed, so instead of pushing down to record, you can push up. This is a great way to personalise your machine to your own preferences.

The Digta7 also allows you to do many things direct on the handset that with other machines you have to wait to do on your computer. This is due to the fact that the handset has the biggest screen in the industry, along with full alphanumeric keyboard.You can choose from the handset if you want to record in DSS or WAV format. WAV is standard for recording into Dragon speech recognition, so no conversion will be needed. You can also rename files on the handset - so rather than uploading them to your computer with names such as 'DSS0001.DSS' you could change it to 'clientname.DSS' before you upload. 

To ease recording, the machine (which can be stood upright) has a stereo mic. This means that it can easily pick up a conversation between two people. This will make transcribing an interview a great deal easier!

A huge step forward is the Bluetooth version. This will allow even more flexibility. Imagine being able to record on the Digta 7, pair it to your phone and email via the smartphone your recording back to the office! No cables needed. Bluetooth headsets can also be used, which means even less need for wires and cables. 


The machine comes complete with a selection of features designed to protect both the machine itself and the content you've recorded on it. Grundig understand that often the information you're recording is confidential - and that you wouldn't want it to be readily accessible. 

Because of this, the machine creates a Unique User ID for each file created. This means that even though names of files can be changed directly on the machine itself the Unique User ID always remains the same. Files can be traced from beginning to end by this ID.

Features such as 256bit encryption are available if needed - and this can even be applied to the extra SD card slot not just the internal memory. If needed, that extra SD card slot can be locked out completely. This means that it can't be used at all; and adds extra protection. Finally, the machine is fitted with a gravity sensor designed to protect itself. If the machine is dropped, the sensor kicks in and will close and save the file you are working on. This happens instantly - and is a huge step forward. Up until now, if you dropped a machine while recording you could lose the file and the memory card would often become corrupted. The gravity sensor stops this from happening. 

It also works the other way too - if you put the machine down it will go into standby mode; but when you pick it up again the sensor will bring it back to life!