I can’t edit my recordings

One of the things we hear most often from clients who have tried to get a digital dictation solution ‘on the cheap’ is this; “I need to edit my recordings!” This is because many cheaper digital dictation machines don’t have the option to edit recordings. Though they can record their voice, with such machines users can’t necessarily review what they have said and re-record, or even continue with the same recording at a later date. This is the main difference…

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Digital Transciption for Secretaries

The beauty of using digital products is that it offers better sound quality, and when the system is set up correctly the secretary can allocate their work much more efficiently. When a digitally recorded file is sent to a secretary, they should be able to tell who it was sent from, when it was recorded, and how long the recording time is. Into their PC is plugged a foot pedal and headset, and with the correct software the secretary will…

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Digital Dictation for Authors

The author has a choice of either a mobile, handheld device, or a fixed microphone, depending on what they prefer. We find that the majority of our clients prefer the flexibility of using a mobile recorder. When a new file is selected, the author can then record into the device, the same as a tape based system. The beauty of a true digital dictating machine is that this can be edited, overwritten or added to at any time. Once the…

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What’s the difference?

Digital dictating machines tend to be split up into 3 areas, digital notetakers, digital dictation with push button technology, digital dictation with slide (function) switch control. Notetakers Olympus, Philips, Grundig and Sanyo all offer their own digital notetakers. Basically these are for personal use. The main reason for this is that everytime you stop and start whilst recording, a new file is started. This means that if you downloaded these files and sent to them to a secretary, the secretary…

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